Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose Van Mills Dental?

Dr. DeMarchi started her office with the mission of building long term relationships with patients and delivering high quality and long lasting dental care. She has spent an immense amount of time researching the best dental equipment and developing an uncompromising infection control protocol for her office.

We work very hard to provide you with a great experience at the dentist at every visit. Our focus is on building loyalty and trust and helping you maintain a healthy smile for life. Treatment recommendations are driven by scientific findings and honesty. You are always welcome to come by for a tour of the office, to meet our team and to get a free consultation. We would be thrilled to meet you.

Do you take my insurance?

For the convenience and ease of our patients, we accept insurance plans. We will help you understand your insurance benefits and coverage. We submit claims electronically and, most of the time, insurance companies will provide us with an answer immediately about your coverage and the amount of your copay. Please call us if you have any questions about the terms of your insurance.

Will you check my dental insurance for me? Can you do the paperwork for me?

Yes! We will go the extra mile to verify your benefits ahead of any treatment so as to never leave you guessing. That way we can give you an estimate of what we expect your insurance to cover for every procedure we plan to do.

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How much will I have to pay?

Our procedures fees are according to the Ontario Dental Association fee guide, not a penny more. We are happy to give you an estimate of the cost at every step of the way so that there are never any surprises!

I am afraid of the dentist. How can you help me?

Dr. DeMarchi has treated many “nervous” patients with a lot of success. Many of them are “converted” and do not consider themselves nervous at the dentist any more. They attribute this to her “gentleness” with patients and her “light touch”. She spends a great amount of time talking to patients and making them feel relaxed and at ease.

Do you see children?

Absolutely! We love children and have treated many cooperative as well as apprehensive children.

What do you offer for entertainment or distraction during dental work?

Plenty! Mostly, people like to watch TV or movies or listen to music during dental treatment. We have a TV for every chair that offers an unobstructed view of many cable TV channels. We also have a wide selection of movies and music for your entertainment.