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Proper Fitting Dentures Are Essential

Dentures are commonly used by people with very few healthy teeth or none at all. They serve as artificial replacements for natural teeth and gums.

Poorly fitting dentures can cause mouth sores, stomach problems, or make it difficult to talk. At Van Mills Dental, we can custom-create dentures to fit your mouth and assess their fit during dental exams to ensure they remain comfortable. 

For more information about dentures, please book your appointment today.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth designed to replace your natural teeth or gums.

There are 2 types of dentures

  • Complete dentures are commonly known as false teeth. 
  • Partial dentures are made up of artificial teeth that clasp onto nearby natural teeth.

There are 2 fabrication options:

  • Immediate dentures are made and inserted immediately after teeth are extracted, allowing the tissues to heal under the denture. They are helpful in making sure you aren’t without teeth for any length of time after an extraction. 
  • Conventional dentures are made for you after your gum tissues have healed after extraction. 

Do I Still Need to See the Dentist?

If you wear dentures, you’ll still need regular dental appointments to check your oral tissue health. Your mouth is more than just teeth—your dentist will check for signs of gum disease and other issues.

Over time, dentures can wear down, and they may eventually need to be replaced or adjusted.

Book your appointment at Van Mills Dental to double-check the state of your dentures today.

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